Python (for CLI)

Our Python SDK makes it easy to add a login flow to your python scripts and CLI.

How it works

  1. Use calls your CLI to log in, for example mycli login

  2. The CLI will attempt to open a browser with a link to log in and display the link to the user.

  3. The user logs in on their browser, which then sends a code back to the CLI

  4. Our SDK processes the code and return an access token and refresh token to your CLI.


pip install cotter

Find the latest versions here


Get your API_KEY_ID from Cotter's Dashboard.

Step 1: Copy cotter_login_success.html from the example folder.

You can make your own Success page. After the user successfully logged-in, the website will redirect to http://localhost:port and you should show a "Success message" and tell the user to go back to your terminal. Feel free to copy our example page and modify it.

Put the success page with the name cotter_login_success.html at the same directory as where you put the code below.

Step 2: Call Cotter's login function

import cotter
api_key = "YOUR API KEY ID"
port = 8080 # Open a port to receive code from the website after successful authentication
response = cotter.login_with_email_link(api_key, port)

Available methods:

Using Email

# Use Magic Link
response = login_with_email_link(api_key, port)
# Use OTP
response = login_with_email_otp(api_key, port)

Using Phone Number

# Use Magic Link
response = login_with_phone_link(api_key, port)
# Use OTP
response = login_with_phone_otp(api_key, port)

Storing the tokens

Store the tokens to a file:

from cotter import tokenhandler
tokenhandler.store_token_to_file(response["oauth_token"], "cottertoken.json")

Get the tokens from a file (automatically refresh if needed):

from cotter import tokenhandler
oauth_token = tokenhandler.get_token_from_file("cottertoken.json", api_key)

Refreshing tokens (if not using the functions above)

# This will only refresh if needed
from cotter import tokenhandler
oauth_token = tokenhandler.refresh_token(oauth_token, api_key)

Validating tokens

from cotter import validate
access_token_decoded = validate.validate_access_token(response["oauth_token"]["access_token"], api_key)
id_token_decoded = validate.validate_id_token(response["oauth_token"]["id_token"], api_key)


Allowed Origin Error

If you get an error like this:

  "msg": "The redirect URL http://localhost:1234 or the parent origin :// is not in the list of allowed URLs. Please contact the site owner.",
  "type": ""

You may have set up a list of Allowed URLs on the dashboard. Make sure you add these 2 URLs:

  • http://localhost:<PORT> based on the port you used above

  • :// (this is a bug, join our Slack channel to receive updates)

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