Only Allow Your Website/App to Use Your API Key

Your API_KEY_ID is most likely used in your front-end code, which may be exposed. To only allow your website or app to use your API key, you can set the Allowed Origins under Settings tab in the Dashboard.

For Websites

This will do 2 things:

  • Cotter's JS SDK will only load if the parent is listed.

  • If you pass in RedirectURL parameter, the JS SDK will only allow it if it's listed.

For Mobile Apps

You will always need to specify a RedirectURL when using Cotter's Email or Phone Number verification. The RedirectURL is the deep-link to your app that is used by the in-app browser to redirect back to your app. You need to add this redirect URL to the list.

Specifically, you will need these 4 origins in your list:

  • ://


  • myurlscheme://

  • myurlscheme://myhostname

Replace myurlscheme and myhostname with your own scheme and hostname that you used as the RedirectURL.

How to Specify the Origins

  • Make sure you list the origin, not the full URL.

  • Do not include a trailing /.



Make sure you follow the syntax below:

<scheme> "://" <hostname> [ ":" <port> ]

Example for Websites:

  • http://localhost:3000


  • myexample://auth_callback (for mobile app, please refer to the example above).

You can use http://localhost:3000 for development. Remember to remove it when moving to production.

To allow any parent and any RedirectURL: specify * in the input.

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