Features & Concepts

There are several steps and features that makes Cotter a powerful authentication service for you. To use the most out of Cotter, you can combine the 3 features that we offer: Sign in with Device, Sign in with Email/Phone Number, and WebAuthn (Biometrics for websites).

1. Sign in with Device with an In-App Prompt

Trusted devices works like DUO or Apple's Trusted Devices. Basically, we turn your mobile device into a security key such that your account is only accessible from the devices that you trust.

We create a cryptographic key pair and store it in your device's secure storage. We'll then use cryptographic functions to check the requests produced by the key in your device to authenticate account access. Learn more at FIDO.

Trusted devices are available for mobile apps, and websites with an accompanying mobile app. If your website doesn't have a mobile app and you want to utilize this functionality, your users can download the Cotter app instead (coming soon).

Cotter works as a universal single-sign-on for all websites and apps that integrates Cotter. Users who have verified their email or phone number once in any of the participating apps will not need to re-verify email & phone number.

Your users don't need to be redirected to Cotter's website, or even know that Cotter exists. You can embed Cotter inside your website and app.

3. WebAuthn

WebAuthn allows websites to authenticate users using TouchID or Windows Hello from the browser. This feature makes it faster for your users to login. Users can set up their current device to allow login with WebAuthn, and the user will be prompted to use TouchID or Windows Hello on subsequent logins.

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