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Validating Cotter's Identity Token

Cotter's token includes the user's email or phone number, your API_KEY_ID, and a signature . Here's the full token object:
"token": {
"identifier_id": "e8a47aff-f520-4b8d-952b-79d36d10fb3e",
"expire_at": "1588849208",
"identifier": "+12345678910", // user's email or phone
"identifier_type": "PHONE",
"receiver": "<YOUR API KEY ID>",
"signature": "21P6mXSF2x357kZGkEMQTRTn3r...",
"timestamp": "1586257208" // unix Timestamp
Check that the receiver contains your API_KEY_ID

Verifying the Signature

The signature ensures that this token comes from Cotter's server:
  • Signature algorithm: ed25519
  • Cotter's Public Key: qqOaiQGjGsxBMgI5rdAasaACRiJthOqadmefjY5mS/c=
  • Signed Message:
Note that there is no space and no {} in the message. It's all just 1 long string. ex. +1234567890PHONEaaf7319d-8f91-4752-a23f-c43ba862d5481582679175


React Native
var cotter = require("cotter-token-js");
var cotterIdentity = new cotter.CotterIdentity(token);
var valid = cotterIdentity.validate()
import { Cotter } from 'react-native-cotter';
var valid = Cotter.validateIdentityResponse(response.token);
func Verify(publicKey string, signStr string, args ...string) (bool, error) {
str := []byte(strings.Join(args, ""))
fmt.Println(strings.Join(args, ""))
pubKey, err := base64.StdEncoding.DecodeString(publicKey)
if err != nil {
return false, responses.NewError("Fail verifying signature decoding pubkey", err)
signature, err := base64.StdEncoding.DecodeString(signStr)
if err != nil {
return false, responses.NewError("Fail verifying signature decoding signature", err)
valid := ed25519.Verify(pubKey, str, signature)
return valid, nil
// Usage
valid, err := Verify(enum.CotterPublicKey, token.Signature, token.Identifier, string(token.IdentifierType), token.ReceiverID.String(), token.ExpireAt)
import binascii
import nacl.signing
import nacl.encoding
pub64 = "qqOaiQGjGsxBMgI5rdAasaACRiJthOqadmefjY5mS/c="
signatureB64 = token["signature"]
message = token["identifier"] + token["identifier_type"] + token["receiver"] + token["expire_at"]
signb = binascii.a2b_base64(signatureB64)
msgb = str.encode(message)
verify_key = nacl.signing.VerifyKey(pub64, encoder=nacl.encoding.Base64Encoder)
verify_key.verify(msgb, signb)
Libraries for ed25519 algorithm are available in Javascript, Golang, Python and other languages.