🚀Getting Started

Get started quickly using Cotter's SDK to integrate passwordless login and email/phone number verification into your websites and apps

Get Started

Cotter allows you to build a login system in just a few minutes. There are 3 main methods of logging-in. You can either choose 1 or combine the methods.

Quickly get started with our 5-minutes tutorials:

💬 Sign in with email/phone number: Authenticate using a Magic Link or Verification Code. Learn More →

🔐 Sign In with Device on Mobile Apps: Authenticate users based on the ownership of a device. Learn More →

🧬 Sign in with WebAuthn: Authenticate users using TouchID/Windows Hello from your website. Learn More →


Customize Cotter's Login Form from the Dashboard > Branding. Currently this works for the Web SDKs for Sign in with Email/Phone using a Magic Link and OTP.

Dig Deeper

Follow the full SDK reference for a fully customizable login flow and get OAuth 2.0 support for your API endpoints.

OAuth 2.0: Get Access Token from Cotter

Cotter can generate OAuth Tokens (access token, id token, and refresh token) to be used for your APIs. This functionality is available from Cotter's SDK.

pageCotter's OAuth 2.0 Tokens Specification

Example Apps

HTML Example

ReactNative Example App

Flutter Example App

Android Example App

Biometric and PIN iOS Example

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