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Quick starts to use Cotter API and SDK to integrate email/phone number verification, passwordless login, and biometrics.

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To use the most out of Cotter, start with verifying email or phone number, then implement Trusted Devices and Biometrics/PIN for added security

1. Sign up your users using our Cross-App Verification

2. Login and Authenticate your users using Trusted Devices

3. Add security using Biometrics & Pin

🆕 Get Access Token from Cotter

Cotter can generate OAuth Tokens (access token, id token, and refresh token) to be used for your APIs. This functionality is available from Cotter's SDK.

🆕 Send Verification Code via WhatsApp 💬

You can now send verification codes using WhatsApp.

Example Apps

Hello World Example in CodeSandbox

Android Example App

Biometric and PIN iOS Example

ReactNative Example App