🚀Getting Started

Get started quickly using Cotter's SDK to integrate passwordless login and email/phone number verification into your websites and apps

Get Started

Cotter allows you to build a login system in just a few minutes. There are 3 main methods of logging-in. You can either choose 1 or combine the methods.

Quickly get started with our 5-minutes tutorials:

💬 Sign in with email/phone number: Authenticate using a Magic Link or Verification Code. Learn More →

🔐 Sign In with Device on Mobile Apps: Authenticate users based on the ownership of a device. Learn More →

🧬 Sign in with WebAuthn: Authenticate users using TouchID/Windows Hello from your website. Learn More →


Customize Cotter's Login Form from the Dashboard > Branding. Currently this works for the Web SDKs for Sign in with Email/Phone using a Magic Link and OTP.

Dig Deeper

Follow the full SDK reference for a fully customizable login flow and get OAuth 2.0 support for your API endpoints.

OAuth 2.0: Get Access Token from Cotter

Cotter can generate OAuth Tokens (access token, id token, and refresh token) to be used for your APIs. This functionality is available from Cotter's SDK.

🗝️ Getting Access Token

Example Apps

HTML Example

ReactNative Example App

Flutter Example App

Android Example App

Biometric and PIN iOS Example

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