iOS – Sign in with Device

Cotter's Passwordless SDK authenticates your user using the FIDO protocol. It allows a seamless, fast, and secure way for your user to login to your iOS App. Authenticate your users in 4 simple steps:

Sign in with Device

In this guide we'll allow users to Sign In with Device using Cotter's SDK.

Step 1: Import Cotter as a dependency

Head to and allow Trusted Devices in the dashboard.
We use Cocoapods as our SDK host. Add pod 'Cotter' to your podfile then run pod install.

Step 2: Initialize Cotter

In your app's AppDelegate.swift, initialize Cotter with your API keys.
func application(_ application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [UIApplication.LaunchOptionsKey: Any]?) -> Bool {
launchOptions: launchOptions,
apiSecretKey: <your-secret-key>,
apiKeyID: <your-api-id>

Step 3: Register your user

To register, simply call the following function anywhere in your app. Make sure you do import Cotter at the start of the swift file.
identifier: <user-email>

Step 4: Logging in

When a user logs in, call the following function in your view controller
Passwordless.shared.parentVC = self
identifier: <user-email>,
cb: { (token: CotterOAuthToken?, err:Error?) in
if err != nil {
// case 1: handle error as necessary
if token == nil {
// case 2: user is unauthorized
// case 3: user is authorized
Then you can handle 3 cases mentioned in the comments in any way you like.

👉 Next steps

That's it! You have successfully build a seamless, fast, and secure login mechanism with Cotter.

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